Prayer: Our Time-Saver

Take an hour and watch this sermon from Charles Stanley:

Prayer: Our Time-Saver.

This message spoke to me hugely.

I’ve known my prayer life has not been what it should be.

I pledge right now to spend more time in prayer.

God, help me to get up a little earlier so that I can start my day spending quality time with you.  Amen



Watch this clip: – “Ten Things Jesus Never Said”–Will Davis Jr..

Did you notice what he said about disappointing God?

“You can’t disappoint someone who knows everything.”

I never thought about it like that before.

There’s nothing I can do that He doesn’t know that I’m going to do.

So there’s no disappointing Him.

He’ll grieve for it and say “I’m sorry for the pain you’re about to go through.”  But I’ll not have let Him down.

I find that incredibly comforting.

In The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog.

Yes, it doesn’t look like much now, and if you check it out later it may look completely different.  I haven’t quite decided on how I want it to look yet.  This blog is going to be slow to start, I expect.

But it’s not up to me.

This is going to be God’s blog, not Sharon’s rant, like my other blog tends to be.  This blog will be about the journey.

The month of December has been difficult for me.  I’ve felt scattered and lost and completely undirected.

I used to have a lot of ideas of where I felt God was directing me in life.

But it’s all gone now.  All of it.  Gone.  And it’s quite disconcerting.  It’s been like everything I’ve ever known and believed about myself has been stripped away or proven false.  I wrote a little about this in my last post of my other blog.

But all the grandiose dreams I had are gone.  I’m not going to sing and bring others to their knees.  I’m not going to write the book that will change the world.

I’m nothing.  I’m useless.  I’m nobody.

God has been pretty quiet throughout this.  Quiet, but not silent.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading the daily devotions that you find at the back of the In Touch Magazine (a free resource by Charles Stanley).  God has spoken to me through those devotions and I have come to know a few things about myself that I am going to change.

I have been struggling to know what God’s will is for me,  but I have really been afraid to know.  I desperately fear what He is going to want from me.  And my sin of doubt has negatively impacted my whole life.

So I am starting over.  I now have one objective.

I am going to love Jesus.

It’s not going to be about learning God’s will for my life.

It’s not going to be about God’s provision.

It’s not going to be about anything else, but learning to love Jesus; letting Him be the lover of my soul.  And I’m doing this because I know everything else will fall into place.

I am putting myself in His hands and I am going to live in His light.

There are three books I am going to be reading to help me on this journey:

The King’s Daughter by Diana Hagee

The Resolution of Women by Priscilla Shirer

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

This isn’t the order that I’m going to read them in.  They’re going to be read together, all at once.  I will follow God’s direction on how and when I should read these books.  But I will use this blog to share what I am learning and to possibly beg for insight from anyone who reads my blog.  Also, I won’t be starting till January 9,because that’s when my kids go back to school.

Perhaps this is why God sent me back home.  How would I find the time to do this if I was working outside the home?

Be blessed,